• Hard-working websites

    Does your website earn its keep? We create websites that work hard for your business. Our websites look great, absolutely. But under the surface they are attracting new prospective customers to your company day and night. Through the use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), fresh content created by you, and integration with social media, new people will discover your offer every single day. We provide the stats to prove it too.
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  • Reach out to prospects

    How do you build a trustworthy relationship with potential customers when you never see them face to face? Email marketing can address that particular challenge very effectively. It allows you to have regular contact with potential customers, so when they are ready to buy your company's name is foremost.
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  • Effective use of Google+

    Google's new social network is:
    - The fastest growing ever
    - Indexed more quickly than any other network
    - Crucial to the future success of your business
    We have the knowledge and expertise of Google+ to help you succeed.
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We understand what it takes to create a winning online presence.

  • Finding your website
    We help you construct a multi-pronged online marketing strategy to maximise your website’s online profile
  • Converting visitors to customers
    We can make it as easy as possible for visitors to get the information they need to make a decision, thus boosting your website conversion rate
  • Rapid response
    We enable you to react quickly to opportunities by enabling mobile working practices
  • Tracking results
    Feedback is vital to ensure your website improves constantly, and we provide detailed website analytics to help you understand your visitor’s browsing habits
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Four Lakes Internet Services was formed in 2006 to offer a comprehensive range of Internet-based services to the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) market, i.e. companies ranging between 5 and 500 employees. We offer website design, email marketing and Google Apps products and services.

If you want to know how your company can boost its online presence, leading to improved customer communication, a higher level of enquiries and an increase in sales then please contact us.

Great service! Four Lakes clearly explained the process, what they would do and what they would need from me. They gave a very competitive price estimate and stuck to it. We collaborated during the website build, reviewing and altering features and designs to produce a great final version that can be managed in-house. I was (and remain) very impressed indeed!

Justin Nelson

Nelsons Legal

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