Four Lakes Internet Services was formed in early 2006 by Colman Carpenter to offer a comprehensive range of Internet-based services to the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) market, i.e. companies ranging between 5 and 500 employees. We primarily offer website design services, but can also provide website and email hosting, email marketing and other complementary services.


Why ‘Four Lakes’?

Our proprietor, Colman Carpenter, hails from Carlow, a small market town on the river Barrow in Ireland.

Carlow’s name is an anglicisation derived from its Irish version, Ceatharlach (pronounced Ka-her-loch). Broken down, the Irish name translates into Four (ceathar) Lakes (lach). So called because of the pools formed by the meeting of the River Barrow with a small tributary, the River Burren.

Sleep Well Knowing Your Site Is Secure

Sleep Well Knowing Your Site Is Secure

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