3 New Year Resolutions for your Website

So, 2012 is upon us, Olympic year at last. Like most, I haven't any tickets for the Olympics, at least not yet. But I live in hope. Most of us have something else in common too, New Year's Resolutions! I've gone for the fairly typical personal stuff - shift a bit of...

Fan pages made easy

I have just come across a new Wordpress plugin that looks very intriguing indeed. It claims to allow you to create and manage a Facebook Fan Page for your business - completely within Wordpress. It also includes some interesting advanced features, claiming to give you...

Has Asus Transformed mobile computing?

A little while ago I welcomed the Asus Transformer into both work and home life, chez Carpenter. Whilst already familiar with the Android operating system having had an Android-powered mobile for 18 months, I wasn't sure just how useful the Transformer would be. Would...

Email Marketing using Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of many online tools available to those wishing to embark down the route of using email for marketing purposes. In this article, Colman Carpenter explains why he thinks Mailchimp is the best tool for SME’s and for those new to email marketing. Best of all, for many people its free too!

Make your content leap out

Make your content leap out

Enhancing your content can be pretty straightforward. As I've done here, adding a picture can immediately draw your readers into your article, blog post, etc. Of course its also important to have punchy, focussed text that ensures people don't lose interest half-way...

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